Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hawaiian Print Handbags!

We call this handbag the TRAVELERS bag because we love to travel with it. Made from thin interfacing, this bag is the perfect accessory for traveling. You can stuff this in a suitcase or carry-on. Or you can use it as an everyday bag. We love the bright colors and funky patterns on this handbag.

You can pack this bag with your Mega Wallet/wallet, cell phone, bottle water, a small book/magazine, some snacks or what-ever else you would like to carry. This bag is extremely spacious and perfect for the girl who has to carry everything she owns in one bag.


* Dimensions: H 16”, W 17”
* Exterior: Designer cotton fabric
* Interior: Brown Cotton Lining
* Closure: Magnetic Snap
* Handle: Yes (Base to top 11”)
* Pockets: (1) Zipper and (1) small open

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