Monday, October 15, 2007

More Mega Wallets!

This wallet is called the Mega Wallet because it is compact, sleek in design, and functional. This wallet carries all your essentials: cell phone, cash, credit cards, lipstick/chap stick, eye drops, or what-ever else you can’t live with out.

Fully equipped with a key ring for all your keys: for the house, car, dorm, school and/or work. The best feature about this wallet is the see through ID/Picture/Business Card Slot. This wallet is perfect for anyone on the go, who just wants something simple, stylish and totally compact.

This is great alternative to carrying a large purse. This wallet was designed because we wanted to make something that we could carry to the gym, out grocery shopping, or running errands. This would be a fantastic wallet for yourself, or give it as a gift.