Saturday, September 1, 2007

Wallets Galore!!!!

These wallet are called the Mega Wallets because they are compact, sleek in design, and functional. These wallets carry all your essentials: cell phone, cash, credit cards, lipstick/chap stick, eye drops, or what-ever else you can’t live with out.

Fully equipped with a key ring for all your keys: for the house, car, dorm, school and/or work. The best feature about the wallets are the see through ID/Picture/Business Card Slot. These wallet are perfect for anyone on the go, who just wants something simple, stylish and totally compact. They are a great alternative to carrying a large purse.

These wallets were designed because we wanted to make something that we could carry to the gym, out grocery shopping, or running errands. Buy one for yourself or anyone you think might appreciate one.